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Language exchange!! 13-ene-2015

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This night we take place in Revolution bar Leadenhall! we are in a cold winter, but Spanglish looks to introduce some warm people in the first event of 2015.
Around 12 people booked in advanced in different websites to join this event!
Rosie can not wait for starting the event and arrives at around 18:40 quite excited to participate in her first event!
Guests are ready to develop their language skills and the first event of the year starts to run at 19:15,
19:45 Kalika, Katharina and Charo take seat in the one of the tables, there is a kind confusion about how to say research in Spanish.... after a while I help .... "investigacion o estudio" The group laugh ... because it was easy to know.
Event finishes at 21:30 and people claim for more time to talk in group. After a long lovely conversation first Spanglish event of the year terminates at 23:10, It was quite obvious that Agron, Harold, Charo, Katharina, Thomas and Cristian always need extra time to talk!!!

See you soon guys.

  • January 21 2015 at 05:45 pm
Spanglish Excellent, so glad you guys enjoy your first meet up of the year! I am sure Cristian will be organising plenty more to come, so plety of time for everybody to chat, but please do not forget to complete the "investigacion" in advance... ;)
January 22 2015 at 04:25 pm

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