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SPANGLISH's Anniversary - Colombian night - Social Evening!!!

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Lovely Birthday
If there are two words to describe the last night those would be, Lovely Birthday.
Leños y Carbon, Colombian restaurant was chosen as the venue to celebrate the Spanglish's anniversary.
Good exchange is running between 18:30 and 19:45, a Colombian game, which resulted a global game, "Pongale la cola al burro" starts with 90% of the language lovers, 15 participants, 3 groups (Grupo pequeño, Cerezas and Piña Katherine). Charo is the first one who tries and actually the best one in the first round, Cerezas win the first point. Second round bit more difficult includes disorientation before to go. Jessica makes it by Grupo pequeño it is clear that was more difficult, Jessica runs around the room and finally she approaches to the right wall last second to stick it, she puts it up wherever it was.
20:20. 16 Empanadas, Cassava, Patacon con queso, maduro con queso, arepa con carne and more stop the game, time to eat and finish Spanglish's birthday as one of the best event of the last months, food, drink and chat.

Hope to see you soon guys.


  • January 28 2015 at 07:06 pm

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