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How it works

Create your Free profile

Fill out some basic information about yourself, upload your photo, and write an attention-grabbing headline and essay describing yourself and why you are interested in a language exchange. Now other members will be able to e-mail you. This is absolutely free - you don't need to pay anything.
You see your own profile on the homepage now. To the right, you see an infobox containing important information for you.

You can now display all members who are on-line, who have their birthday today or who have looked at your profile and much more.

Search the site

Once inside our site, you can search our language exchange database of people like you. You can look for suitable language partners like yourself. Go to search in the main menu for that. You can carry out a basic search or detailed search here. You can choose search criteria such as country, city, profession, age, and other personal preferences. Show Interest in other members by just clicking a button. All of this is free.

Connect when you are ready

When you decide that you are ready for more personal interaction and start your language practice, simply choose one of our multiple options to connect with your language partner:
• you can send this person a message
• you can send a wink
• add to your favourites
• open a IM chat if the person is on-line
• chat via video if the person is on-line
• send a friend request
• bookmark and much more
If you rather start connecting with a group first, then we encourage you to do it via chat and 3D chat.

Prefer to meet offline?

In that case, once registered, we encourage you to visit our events page. Here we publish our regular meet ups. You will find one to one sessions as well as plenty of social activities. The one to one event last two hours, during the first hour participants take part in a series of 1-to-1 conversations which last 12 min each: 6min in Spanish, then 6min in English before participants switch table and meet a new partner. The second hour participants are free to stay and hang around to chat to each other in the language that they feel most comfortable speaking.

During Your Online Sessions

During any practice session, you should try to follow these guidelines for an effective practice.

1. Use the time adequately and set objectives for the sessions.
2. Take charge of your own learning when speaking in your second language.
3. Be sensitive to your partners' needs when speaking in your own language.
4. Don't correct grammar all the time - strive for communication.
5. Be considerate to others.

1. Use the Time adequately - Respect everyone's practice time
• Start by discussing with your partner or chat group the time for the session and the objectives. Ensure everyone gets equal practice time.
• The time will help you to remember when to switch languages. Remember: everyone speaks in one language then everyone switches to the other language. This is to ensure a fair exchange - not to make things harder for you. If you don't know how to say something in your second language, feel free to say it in your first language!

2. Take Charge Of Your Own Learning (when speaking in your second language)
• Ask for explanations immediately when something is not clear - it's your responsibility to say so.
• Feel free to ask your partners to repeat, explain or translate when you don't understand something - this is the whole reason behind this language exchange: for you to be able to follow the conversation and participate!
• Ask your partners to slow down if they speak too fast.
• Make an effort to speak out, even if you're shy.

3. Be Sensitive to Your Partners' Needs (when speaking in your language)
• When speaking in your own language, please keep in mind that you're doing this so your partners can practice - encourage them to participate, and make sure they can follow the conversation.
• Explain, repeat, write down or translate when necessary, and slow down if your partners ask you to.
• If someone says a word that you don't understand (because of poor pronunciation, for example), just ask them to write it in the text box, then say it for them. Pronunciation is important!
• Encourage those who are too shy to speak. For example, you can ask: "What do you think, Lisa? You've been very quiet."
• Don't correct grammar all the time.

4. Giving Corrections
• Strive for communication, not correction. Our goal is to communicate and be understood.
• Don't correct grammar all the time, and especially do not interrupt someone in the middle of a sentence to correct him or her - too much correction interferes with the conversation and can frustrate and block speakers. Do however clear up errors that interfere with understanding.
• If someone insists on being corrected, ask him or her what he or she wants you to focus on: verbs, prepositions, pronunciation, gender, etc.
• The best way to correct is to just repeat the word or phrase the way you would say it, even if it is not proper language. No need to explain anything unless the person asks.

5. Be Considerate
• Speak loudly and clearly - think of when you give an address over the phone.
• Give everyone a chance to speak - don't monopolize the conversation.
• Develop a listening attitude.
• Allow others their point of view - you can comment, but don't judge.
• If you're in a large group and decide to write private messages to someone, please tell others and try to find another room to practice.

Practice Regularly, and Have Fun!

• Practice regularly. It's like physical exercise: a little here and there is fun, but not very effective. You need regular, quality practice to see results. It's also easier to organize if you practice regularly with the same partners.
• Please do not skip the warm-ups. They may not seem very challenging - and maybe a little silly - but that's the point. Those games are designed to help everyone relax and be comfortable in order to benefit from the practice.
• Relax and enjoy!

Report Disruptive Behavior

• This site is for learning and we strive for a positive, relaxed atmosphere. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated. If anyone is being inconsiderate, gently (politely) remind him or her of these language exchange guidelines. If the person repeatedly disrupts your practice, or doesn't respect everyone's practice time, please email us about it.