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Loren, Paris, , France
Age: 45
Location: Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Relationship Type: Chat
Last Activity: Online now!

Paris - Spanish - Friends
I'm from the US but live permanently in Paris and spend a lot of time in Barcelona. I love to learn languages and, in the process, meet new people. Travel and learning about different countries and cultures is part of my profession but also a personal passion of mine. While I enjoy chit-chat, I also like to have deeper conversations about politics, philosophy, the arts, etc. My two favorite film directors: Pedro Almodóvar & (the late) Krzysztof Kieślowski
Are you learning another language, if yes, which one/s?
Fluent in French; intermediate German; beginning Italian
About Loren
Status: Single
Career: Education
Native language: English
Learning language level: Advance
Gender: Male
Other information
Live where: In a city
Humor: I enjoy a good joke or story
Expectations: Learn or Improve another language